Do you own a property that is located in a termite zone?  While termites are found in the majority of city and regional areas, do not be complacent.  If you have any concerns that you have moved into a termite known zone then you should make it a priority to call your local pest controller as soon as possible.


To the average person, termite nests are very difficult if not impossible to find as they live in large nests underground or in the centers of trees.  Each termite nest can have millions of termites that call it home and these nests can be over 100 meters away from your property but accessible by underground tunnels.



A termite inspector will make a time to call out to your property and run tests to see if there is any sign of termite activity at your property.  Termite experts: The Pest Company is one of the good pest inspector will know which areas in your neighborhood have had problems previously with termites as well as any other types of pest insects in your area.

Termite inspectors can put down traps that will bait the termites to enter the trap where they will find natural food sources.  Once they have moved into the trap they will then seal the entrance and live inside until the inspector returns on scheduled visits to remove the now terminate laden traps and replace them with new traps complete with a new food source.  This method of baiting them basically draws the termites to your set traps and away from the timber that has been used in your structure.



A pest inspector will create a schedule and fee structure with you so that they can set and remove these on a regular basis.  You will find that the cost of this is insignificant compared to having to have termite damage done to your property replaced or repaired.

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